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And this is my husband & business partner, Cory

Many photographer's "about me" section will tell you how they've known they wanted to be a photographer since they were a child.  Not mine.  I didn't know that's what I wanted until I actually started taking pictures and realized that photography was the creative outlet I had been missing my entire life. Not only am I so incredibly blessed to have this amazing, life-giving business; I'm even more blessed to get to share it with my husband.

I graduated from college with a degree in business that has allowed me to thrive professionally since creating Jaqueline Jones Photography. This wasn’t always the case, though. I went back to school for nursing a few years ago, thinking this might be my career path. I was very wrong. I found it difficult to handle the sad moments that can come with taking care of the sick plus, bodily fluid's, not for me!). I realized that I am much better at capturing other’s happiest moments, instead! I’ve always felt a need to be creative, to help people, and to make a difference. After shooting my first wedding in 2015, I realized that I could actually make this into a fulfilling career.  Soon after, I decided to transition my business from “photographer of all things” to “Wedding Photographer”. This has allowed to dedicate myself to being the best wedding photographer that I can be! 

Funnily enough, Cory and I went to the same high school but didn’t know each other. We wound up meeting at a country bar (which, if you knew us, would make complete sense)! Cory approached me with a corny pickup line. After getting brutally turned down, he got my number and asked me on a date. His charm eventually won me over. As far as first dates go, it was definitely one for the books. He picked me up to take me to the movies and on the way, we ran out of gas (apparently the movie tickets took priority to fuel). Fast forward to now and we are happily married, with two beautiful children, and one spoiled rotten pup! Thankfully, Cory is also the creative type and decided to join the JJP team. Together, we create magic! 

Our Story:

Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs

- Farrah Gray



Meet our family


This is Bryson and he's my red-headed wild child. He tells me he loves me 100 times a day and has a heart of gold. He made me a mommy and I couldn't be happier about anything! 

Momma's Boy

Meet Haley


This is Haley.  She's the cutest little diva you'll ever meet.  She has a smile that could make Scrooge happy.  She is also a total princess.  She has me give her "pretty toes" weekly.  Don't let her fool you though, she keeps all of the boys in line!

the princess

Meet Logan


The newest addition to the family.  He has a smile like his sister and a heart like his brother.  He's also a red-headed mama's boy.  His brother and sister love him so much it annoys him.

This is logan

Our Family



Meet our family

Our Mission:


we do what we do

Because we love you.  Seriously.  We want every bride and groom to LOVE everything about their wedding day.  Not only do you deserve beautiful images that tell the complete story of your wedding day but you deserve an amazing photographic experience from the time you say "I-do" to your wedding photographer to the time you say "I-do" to your husband.  Also, somewhat selfishly, when we wow you with the complete JJP experience, it satisfies our deep need to be creative to love on people in the process.