You know those people that you just instantly connect with and feel like you could talk to them for hours on end? Well that’s Brenley. I’m pretty sure our initial meeting was like 2 hours because I could have just talked to her forever. I met Frankie and could tell immediately why they were getting […]

Jul 12, 2021


It was so much fun spending the evening with these two and their pups! We started their engagement session in downtown Davidson and on the Davidson college campus. I just love Davison. It’s so full of charm and it’s small enough to explore and not get overwhelmed. The campus has so many hidden nooks with […]

Jul 6, 2021


I am so glad we chose Marshall Park for Lauren and Dave’s engagement session. I loved how the blue in their outfits paired with the color of fall that was starting to poke through! It was such a beautiful day and they are such a beautiful couple. I meet people like Lauren and Dave and […]

Oct 27, 2020


Aren’t these two adorable?! Im obsessing over Leslie’s dimples, is that weird? My kids have the cutest dimples ever and I just think dimples are the best! Anyway, Leslie and Garett are so so perfect together and I can’t wait until their big day! We started their session at The Dairy Barn and continued down […]

Oct 23, 2020


I met Melissa and Jon in April. As soon as the stay-home order was lifted, I hosted mini sessions at a lavender farm. I figured it was the perfect way to feel normal, get out of the house, and have some fun while social distancing. I had no idea they were engaged when they booked […]

Oct 21, 2020


In the middle of this crazy world we live in, it was so nice to spend the evening with these two beautiful people and their adorable pup!! Ellie and Jim wanted to capture the Charlotte skyline so of course we had to start at Marshall Park! They were such troopers because boy was it HOT […]

Jun 16, 2020


If you asked me to describe my ideal couple, I would pretty much describe Matt and Georgie. They have all of the qualities that I love in people! They are both so kind and so easygoing. They are fun and spunky and absolutely a dream to be around! Also, when your fiancé is just as […]

May 19, 2020


What a time we are living in! We have been on a strict stay home order in North Carolina since March due to Covid-19 (the dreadful Coronavirus). Stage 1 of re-opening started just before these two finally got to have their engagement session and ya’ll, I couldn’t have asked for a better session to welcome […]

May 18, 2020


Engaged couple smiling at each other at the Romare Bearden Park in Charlotte, NC, by Charlotte engagement photographer, Jacqueline Jones

How stunning are these two?! Alsiha’s hair and those fall trees are magical together! Alisha and Bryan are some of my favorite people. Alisha is also a photographer, an amazing one! She just did our families Christmas photos and I am SOOO excited to share them with you guys! I met Alisha probably 4 years […]

Nov 26, 2019


Couple at brick wall in Hickory, NC at Downtown Hickory, by Charlotte engagement photographer, Jacqueline Jones

Kendele and Matthew had their first date in a Starbucks… well, kind of. They planned to go to Starbucks but there ended up being a crazy snow storm. They were determined to meet each other so they went to Target and planned to sit in their Starbucks as target was one of the only stores […]

Nov 15, 2019


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