A Huntersville North Carolina wedding at Northstone country club by Charlotte wedding photographer Jacqueline Jones photography

This is a long overdue blog post! I want to preface this by saying that the most important thing when interviewing a potential wedding photographer is PERSONALITY! You will be spending more time on your wedding day with your photographer(s) than your husband! You MUST enjoy their presence! I consider myself a pretty likable person […]

Oct 5, 2021


Charlotte Wedding Photographer using Dubsado as studio management software

Hi everyone!! I am so excited because after many years of using studio management systems that I just couldn’t fall in love with, I’ve finally found one that I LOVE! I’m going to tell you a little bit about the few that I have used and then (spoiler alert) I’ll tell you how amazing Dubsado […]

Feb 27, 2019


Can you believe it’s 2019 already?! I seriously can’t believe it, much less that it’s almost February!! For some of you reading this, 2019 may be the year that you finally get to make your best friend your spouse!! Some of you may welcome your first, second or third bundle of joy into this world! […]

Jan 24, 2019


the list

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