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Sep 9, 2021

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By a Charleston, SC wedding photographer.

Taylor is a pretty awesome wedding photographer herself and I was so honored when she chose Cory and I to shoot her own wedding!! (Check her out here!). She’s sweet and bubbly and absolutely gorgeous! I was so excited to meet the man she is choosing to spend the rest of her life with and to officially meet her in person!! I can see why Matt is her guy, he’s such a kind soul and DIDNT COMPLAIN ONE TIME ABOUT PICTURES!! I’m so serious when I say that as a photographer especially, when your man doesn’t complain about photos… you have a keeper!

We started Taylor and Matt’s engagement session at Cypress Gardens outside of Charleston. Do you know that scene in the notebook where Noah and Allie are in the boat? That was shot here! Did you also know that there are TONS of alligators in the lake? I could reach out and touch them if I wanted to. I definitely did not want to ;).

It was by far the most interesting and exciting engagement session I’ve ever done!! It was little intimidating, a lot of work, but SO MUCH FUN!

Once we made it back to land, we headed to downtown Charleston and began our session. We started at The mills house and Hibernian Hall, grabbed a quick shot with the church, headed to rainbow row then finished up at the beautiful white and blue house on Tradd St.

Enjoy some of my favorites from their session!! I can’t wait to dig into the rest of them!

Did you know I’m also a Charleston wedding photographer, you can see a Charleston wedding Cory and I have done here!

  1. LuAnn Drouin says:

    Oh how Beautifully you capture my sweet gorgeous grand Taylor LuAnn and Matt her forever partner. I just adore Matt , he is the man I would have picked for my granddaughter for sure. This engagement photo session is by far the best, you captured both Taylor and Matt’s truly special bond and love for each other. I cannot wait to mary them next year. Beauty is in abundance in these photos.

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