Brenley & Frankies Engagement at the Dairy Barn and Anne Springs Close Greenway


Jul 12, 2021

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You know those people that you just instantly connect with and feel like you could talk to them for hours on end? Well that’s Brenley. I’m pretty sure our initial meeting was like 2 hours because I could have just talked to her forever. I met Frankie and could tell immediately why they were getting married!! They are perfect for each other. They laugh together and Frankie DID NOT COMPLAIN ONE TIME ABOUT PICTURES! I put this in all caps because every man hates taking pictures ha! It’s rare to find one that doesn’t mind it and it made me so happy!

Their engagement session took place at the dairy barn which is one of my favorite places ever. We then walked along the trail with a few stops to get to the swinging bridge! My camera loves that swinging bridge… it alway helps create the dreamiest photos!! We made it back to the barn in time for sunset and as usual, the sunset there did not disappoint!!! Enjoy a few of my favorites from their day! <3

  1. Christine &Dan Kell says:

    Beautiful honey

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