A Daveste Vineyard Engagement in Troutman, NC | Annie & Alex


Dec 10, 2020

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I Was SOOO excited for this engagement session.. Wedding season is tapering off and while I always love an appreciate my sessions, I think I get to fully appreciate them during off season because I’m not as busy! I am so glad Annie and Alex decided to choose Daveste Vineyards for their session. This is one of my favorite places to shoot ESPECIALLY during the winter… I know I’m weird but I kind of hate the color green and you get so much less of that in the winter!

Their first outfit choice was super stylish and my favorite colors right now… and lets not even get started on how adorable Annie’s hat is!! Side note — ACCESSORIES ROCK!! Layers make any kind of session that much more fun and interesting and it gives you something unique to do with your hands!!! I really didn’t think they could top those first outfits until I saw Annie’s dress and Alex’s suite — ya’ll it was all around a perfect day!

On top of my photographer heart being happy with how adorable they are, I got to meet Annie’s parents and the 4 of them were seriously the sweetest people. We had so much fun and I can’t wait to see them again!

ENJOY!!!!!! 🙂

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