An Engagement at The Farm at Brusharbor | Stephanie & Brian


Aug 18, 2020

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This was my first shoot since having my sweet baby boy and it was AMAZING!! How adorable are these two together?! We were outrunning a storm and her beautiful white dress was flowing in the wind. AHH it was a dream! They also got into the outfit that they had their first date in for a few photos which was so so sweet!

The Farm at Brusharbor is one of my favorite wedding venues. It’s such a big beautiful piece of property and there are so many great places to take beautiful, natural photos! Stephanie and Brian had to postpone their wedding date (BOO COVID!) but they will be tying the knot here in spring of 2021!

I’m so glad they brought Brian’s son along for a few quick photos. He was such a cool little dude and we all had so much fun together!

I’m so glad I get a chance to be a part of these guys’ journey! I can’t wait to watch them make it official! <3

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