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Sep 4, 2019

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By Jacqueline Jones Photography, a Charlotte and Charleston Wedding Photographer

Kaylee and Dalton got married in Charleston, SC. They had their ceremony at the most beautiful church ever. We got to take their wedding photos in the beautiful Spanish moss that screams Charleston and they had their reception on a yacht. This was definitely a wedding photographer’s dream. Give me all of the Charleston weddings!

They are the most adorable couple that you’d ever see. They are one of those couples that you’re going to see holding hands walking through the grocery store at 80 years old and still being all lovey dovey. It’s adorable. I didn’t know just how epic their wedding would be until I got there.

Getting Ready:

We started off in Folly Beach. Kaylee and her bridesmaids had a 3 story beach house (beach mansion??) that they rented out for the weekend. The girls were getting their hair and make-up done there while the guys hung out at their beach house across the street.

Kaylee and Dalton rented a trolley that would take them from Folly Beach to Downtown Charleston where the ceremony would be held. They both wanted to ride the trolley so Dalton got blindfolded just before we left the house and they all rode on the trolley together! He was such a trooper and it was a blast!

We arrived at St. Lukes Chapel in downtown Charleston where everyone would get in their wedding attire and finish getting ready. Cory and I went down the night before to scope out the property and ya’ll, when I say it was amazing, I mean it was seriously the best church I’ve ever been to! SPANISH MOSS EVERYWHERE!!!!! My dream come true. I’m a little obsessed with Spanish moss… I want to grow it in my back yard but apparently it doesn’t grow in Charlotte.

Kaylee is a daddy’s girl so as soon as we got Kaylee in her dress, we did a father daughter first look. It was perfect. We then took turns outside for some pre-ceremony formals.

A Charleston Wedding Ceremony

Finally, we got to see these two love birds say their “I do’s”. They wrote their own vows and it was the sweetest thing ever. We walked around the beautiful church and explored a little of downtown for their portraits… Did I say Spanish moss already?!

I forgot to mention, we were outrunning Hurricane Dorian, They evacuated Charleston the following day but we didn’t even get a drop of rain!! We didn’t have any sun to play with but I’ll take that over rain!

A Yacht Reception

Anyway, we all got back on the trolly (Sans Dalton’s blindfold) and headed to the reception.. which was on a freaking Yacht! The Carolina Girl Yacht was amazing. I’ve come to the conclusion that having your reception on a yacht is one of the best ideas! Not only is everyone all together, but your on a boat!!! It was beautiful out and Cory and I absolutely enjoyed every moment of their wedding and our entire stay in Charleston. I knew the father daughter dance would get me because they always do AND I know how much Kaylee loves her daddy… but when Dalton danced with his mom, I LOST it.

On the way home, we drove on the wrong side of the road for over 100 miles. Since they were evacuating, the southbound lanes were actually going north! It was crazy, we looked back and it looked like a zombie apocalypse was happening and everyone was getting the heck out of dodge!

We want to thank you Kaylee and Dalton and both of your families for letting us be a part of your amazing day! We love you guys and we loved spending the day with you!

Thank you to all of the wonderful vendors who made this day so perfect:

Getting Ready location: Folly Beach

Ceremony: St. Luke’s Chapel

Reception/DJ/Rentals: The Carolina Girl Yacht

Dress: Essence of Australia

Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal

Shoes: Just Fab

Florist: Bloominous

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  1. April says:

    These are wonderful! I love Spanish moss and well, but live in Michigan. 🙁 Their wedding looks lovely and you did a great job capturing their day!

    • Jacqueline Jones says:

      Thank you so much, April! We live in Charlotte so Charleston is the closest we can get to it! It was stunning though, thank you for your kind words!

  2. Mandy says:

    This is absolutely stunning! Love how unique her ring is!

  3. Tiffany says:

    LOVE Charleston! I would love to shoot a wedding under those gorgeous trees. We don’t get moss like that in Kentucky. Beautiful!

  4. Mandy says:

    I love all the unique touches of this wedding. You’ve captured it all so beautifully…and that spanish moss – WOW!! Beautiful work!

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