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Jul 2, 2019

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Being a wedding photographer in the Charlotte area is pretty awesome. Charlotte is a HUGE city and if you include Huntersville, Matthews, Rock Hill, and all of the many surrounding cities, its insane how much uncovered beauty their is! I could probably shoot at a different location every day for the rest of my life and not uncover every amazing spot! We Started their engagement session at Independence Park in downtown Charlotte (call me crazy, but I had no idea this park was even here), headed to Mashall Park to get a few shots with the skyline and finished at Freedom park!

I have known Shawn since I was in high school and he is such an amazing guy. He is so sweet and kind and when I met Emily, I just knew their were perfect for each other! I LOVE LOVE Emily! She is also so sweet and a ball of fun! When I met with Emily for our initial consult, we clicked so well. I swear it was like we’d known each other for years! I could talk to her for days. I am a talker fyi, so that is not an exaggeration! They are getting married in March at The Laboratory Mill. I can’t wait!!

Nobody ever thinks they are going to be good at posing or being in front of the camera, but you will be surprised!! I will tell you exactly what to do with your hands, legs, eyes, etc. and it’ll be amazing! Shawn and Emily seriously didn’t need ANY help! I’d say “okay Emily now look… wait no do that, that’s amazing!!!” “Shawn, now I need you to.. yes, exactly!!” They were NATURALS!!!!

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