A Beautiful, Rainy Winter Wedding in Statesville, NC | Cassie & Ryan


Feb 1, 2019

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I can’t put into words how amazing these two are! They are so sweet and I just loved every moment I got to spend with them! Cassie and Ryan actually went to high school together but didnt reconnect until NINE YEARS later when Cassie was toying with the idea of moving to North Carolina! Ryan works on a pit crew for NASCAR and offered to take Cassie to a couple of races.  She visited and fell in love with the Carolinas AND her handsome hubby! It wasn’t long after her visit that she decided North Carolina was the right place for her.  Who wouldn’t want to live here, its the best place in the world to live! (alright, alright, I may be a little biased here… but I couldn’t see myself living anywhere else!)

On Cassie’s birthday, Ryan took her out for dinner.  Little did she know, he had a ring in his pocket! They went for a walk and ended up at the place where they had their first date AND their first kiss! He got down one knee in front of a beautiful fountain and you know the rest!!

The entire wedding was so beautiful and elegant! Cassies dress was one of the most amazing dresses I’ve seen, it was gorgeous! The greenery added so much simple yet beautiful elegance to the day; it was perfect!  It poured on their wedding day, every time the rain would turn to a mist, we’d run outside for photos and the sky would drop but you know what, that’s part of what made their day, THEIR DAY! Cassie, Ryan and their wedding party were absolutely DOWN to run outside for a few photos in the rain and I’m so glad they did! I always bring a couple of clear umbrellas with me for photos in the chance that it rains!

***** WEDDING TIP: It is absolutely okay to have rain on your wedding day.  Some even say that it’s good luck.  Yes your dress will get wet, it may even get a little bit of dirt on it, but my question is; why did you buy your dress? For your wedding day! This is the day, this is YOUR day.  Don’t be scared to run in the rain for a few beautiful photos.  Your dress may get a little wet, but I’m sure we can find a hair dryer if necessary.  You may get a little dirt on the bottom, but who is really looking under your dress (other than your groom *wink, wink*).  You may even get a little visible dirt on your dress (although rare), but soap and water will take care of that.  I promise that you will be SO HAPPY that you played in the rain for a few photos on your wedding day *****

Prepare your eyes for some beauty and enjoy some of my favorites from their day!



Ceremony: Northview Church of Christ in Statesville, NC

Reception, Catering, & Cheesecake bar: Twisted Oak American Bar & Grill

Officiant: Chad Hampton from Elevation Church

Dress purchased from Lily Rose Bridal

Dress Designer: Essence of Australia

Rings: Diamonds Direct

Robes: Etsy

Mens Attire: The Back Room

Shoes: David’s Bridal

Florist: Amy Wallace (cousin)

Cake: Mckinney Bullard

Make-up: Candace Nieveen

Hair: Melissa Matthuis

DJ: Julius

Harpist: Kathy Wallace

  1. Courtney says:

    What a sweet story and their day was just beautiful!!

  2. Meredith says:

    The portraits after the first look are my favorites! So gorgeous and a great example of how to make the best of a rainy wedding day. Also love the night shots in the rain! 😍

  3. Jennifer says:

    So beautiful!!!

  4. Linda says:

    What great wedding photos. Such pretty detail shots.

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