A Southern Fall Wedding in Gold Hill, NC | Matthew & Amber


Nov 2, 2018

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Matt and Amber are amazing! Matt is actually the one who contacted me for their engagement session over a year ago.  He did all of the communication and set it up.  How awesome is that?! Most grooms leave it all up to the Bride, which is totally fine (and normally expected), but I just loved how involved he was with everything! And Guess what!? At their engagement shoot, they Just found out they were expecting!!! So they got to have their two beautiful daughters as flower girls!

The wedding was amazing.  I’m pretty sure that Amber and her amazing Coordinator, Becky did the entire decorations themselves.  Sometimes DIY is way better than anything you can buy at the store! Check out the Frame that she made for the photos, I’m obsessed! Everything was absolutely beautiful! Below are a few of my favorites from their big day!

  1. Mistie says:

    Beautiful! So happy for you both

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